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Say Obrigado to your Portuguese Translation

Obrigado! That is the traditional but polite expression of saying ‘thank you’ in the Portuguese language. That’s just one word and expression. How many other words, expressions and phrases, and sentence constructions do you still need to learn, appreciate and comprehend in the Portuguese language? Not so difficult to do anymore now that you’ll have the portuguese translator hartford app at your disposal.

Now, why would you want to learn Portuguese anyhow? After all, in your town, everyone’s speaking English, your home language, your mother tongue, and maybe, just maybe, there’ll be a smattering of Spanish. Many folks may have been under the misconceived impression that Portuguese and Spanish are quite similar in style, dialect, syntax, grammar, and so forth. But really, nothing could be further from the truth.

So, why learn Portuguese then? Well, it’s not a bad idea if you’re going to be heading off to Brazil for your next big annual vacation. Now there’s a holiday idea for you. Go to Rio and take in one of the world’s all-time great parties, the world’s biggest carnival. Ever. And they’re all jabbering and singing in Portuguese too. Speaking of carnivals, festivities, vacations and just basically having a good time, closer to home, there’s this.

portuguese translator hartford

You could be heading off to New Orleans for the festivities over there. It’s also a great place to hang out in if you’re a big jazz lover. But then, you might want to learn a little French. Many of the folks over there are still speaking the creolized versions of the language of their forefathers. And you’ll be hearing a lot more French if you’re heading in the opposite direction. That’s right folks, you’re off to Canada where some of the world’s politest people live. Merci, as they say over there.

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