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Who Needs A Suit When You Can Just As Well Rent It?

Here is another question for you then: Who even wears a suit these days? Certainly in the office environment, there has been a welcome relaxation of ‘formal’ dress codes. One mature gentleman, now happily and prosperously (he’s health’s not doing too badly either) retired, once remarked to his adult boys (all three still working hard as professionals) that the next time he would ever put on a suit would be at his funeral.

Well, of course, he would not be able to put this suit on, but there you go. But to quickly move away from this somber tone, this elderly gentleman may have been one of the few trendsetters from back in the day. He worked as a senior marketing executive for most of his life.

affordable suit rental new york ny

And could never see the point of wearing a suit to work every day. It was uncomfortable and certainly not practical in terms of being productive in the formal office environment. Shoes, socks, formal trousers and an open neck formal shirt was as far as he would go. But then his boys went and got married.

He was MC at at least one of those receptions and he just had to wear a suit. You might have to again someday. And instead of whipping out your wallet to buy new clothes, you can just as well go in for an affordable suit rental new york ny deal instead. That is to say that you are living and working in and/or around the city that never sleeps.

Or so they may say. Now at least two of this old boy’s grandkids are fast approaching graduation day. Will they be renting suits for the occasion? No, they’re both girls, you see.

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